More Fresh Water is Coming to Western PA.

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of West View

System Upgrade and Rate Increase Information

March 2015

Your Water

…has been clean, safe, and delivered straight to the taps in your home by the Municipal Authority of the Borough of West View for nearly 75 years. Commissioned in 1942, the not-for-profit Authority started with just 12,800 customers in 12 municipalities. Today, it serves 126,000 customers (57,000 accounts) in 26 municipalities, and is presently capable of treating and pumping 38 million gallons of water a day. Additionally, the Authority sells water to eight other municipal systems, providing water to nearly 200,000 people overall. The present service territory includes a large portion of Allegheny County and a small portion of Butler County.

Peak Daily Demand

…has risen to nearly match the Authority’s supply capacity, and will soon exceed it. Studies project that in just 15 years the population of the Authority’s service territories will grow by 31 percent. In order to meet this anticipated demand, the Authority has been diligently developing plans in order to increase its capacity to provide clean, safe water for the future.


Because the Greater Need

….will occur in the northern part of the service territory, the key feature of the proposed expansion will be a new water treatment plant and raw water intake in Beaver County. These new facilities will allow the Authority to nearly double its capacity to treat and pump safe, clean

water, benefitting the entire service territory. A number of necessary upgrades to existing facilities will occur as well. The total price tag for expansion and improvements is estimated to be $105,000,000. When the Beaver Water Treatment Plant is operational, the West View Authority will review the costs to determine if an additional rate increase is necessary.

No Tax Dollars or Government Subsidies

…will be used to fund this expansion, as the West View Water Authority operates entirely on the revenues it generates from the sale of water to its customers. While most utilities raise their rates annually, the Authority has raised rates only 20 times in its nearly three-quarters of a century history, and can boast of some of the lowest water rates in the region. The Authority will increase the water rates approximately 26%, effective

July 1, 2015 to finance the project. This will result in an increase of $21.72 per quarter for the average residential use of 15,000 gallons of water.

Total Cost of System Upgrade:


Comparable Rates

Water Provider

Pennsylvania American Water Company

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (McKeesport)

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Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Edgeworth

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The Municipal Authority of the Borough of West View*

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Hampton Shaler Water Authority

Cost for 15,000 gallons per quarter












Equivalent rate per 1,000 gallons












*Comparison based on July 1, 2015 rates

Careful Research And Responsible Stewardship

…have marked the Authority’s governance and performance over its nearly 75-year history. When a new metering system was needed several years ago, officials developed a Request for Proposal process that could serve as a best-practice model for the industry. The result was a system that offered high-efficiency meter reading, enhanced customer service, and long-range cost-effectiveness. The Authority has pursued plans for its current expansion with the same level of due diligence, considering a host of factors in order to develop the most sensible and sustainable solution for increased demand and capacity.

Planning for the Future

…is everyone’s responsibility, and the Authority recognizes and greatly appreciates the support of our customers in this endeavor. For a number of years the Authority has recognized and documented the need for expanded facilities in order to meet the demand for clean, fresh water in its service territories. Consequently, Bankson Engineers, of Cheswick, PA, was authorized to proceed with an engineering study and prepare a report. This report was completed in October of 2014 and offers extensive information about the Authority’s current capacity and future needs. To learn more about our specific plans and reasons for this important program of expansion and improvement, we invite you to review the Bankson Engineers Report, included here as a PDF file for your convenience:

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of West View


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